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Driven and detail-oriented, passionate and only slightly pedantic, Amy believes in editing as a means to enhance your story, allowing your voice to shine unobscured by errors and inconsistencies.

Amy is a writer and literature PhD candidate from South Africa.

Her love of literature emerged at a young age, but began to blaze in earnest when she began studying English and Linguistics at Rhodes University in 2016. Here, Amy was free to explore the intersections between language and storytelling, navigating narrative after narrative to investigate the intricate underpinnings of her favourite novels.

Amy’s insatiable reading habits have guided her through almost every genre, but she holds a special interest in speculative fiction and young adult literature. Her Literature Honours dissertation was a critical analysis of The Hate U Give by Angie Thomas and Children of Blood and Bone as seminal young adult texts that deconstructed the genre’s conventions. In 2021 she completed her Masters at the University of Nottingham, submitting a dissertation about the disruptive potential of language in dystopian literature. She is a fierce feminist and turns to literature as a means of educating herself, examining her privilege, and pushing the limits of her imagination.

In addition to her academic investment in literature, Amy runs a blog called All Things Amy, where she has been reviewing books since 2015. Working as a beta reader and advance reviewer inspired her to pursue copy-editing in a professional capacity so that she could work closely with authors in crafting eloquent, expressive novels that readers will adore. She received her professional qualification from the South African Writers Company in March 2020.

When she’s not reading, writing, or working with readers and writers, you can find Amy running through the East Midlands or snuggled up with a true crime podcast and a cup of tea.

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